Body Treatments

Radiofrequency + Ultrasound Cavitation + Vacu Massage + Jade Light Energy + Lipo Laser + Body Laser


This treatment uses a special attachment head which creates an underpressure vacuum massage that improves blood supply of fat tissue. Additionally, it uses biostimulation IR laser which works in shallow layers of the

skin, increases the temperature in fat tissues and boosts metabolism. Its moving rolls (that emit RF waves) make the lymphatic system more permeable and improve detoxification. 


This treatment uses an external source of ultrasound with micro-massage to destroy the epithelium of fat cells. Broken fat cells, actually fatty acids and glycerol, are transported to the liver through

vascular and lymphatic systems. 

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Lymphatic Drainage

This treatment provides intensive and effective lymphatic drainage of the feet, legs, lower abdomen, and buttocks.

It is a specialized device designed to carry out a deep pressure therapy – a pressure massage technique which stimulates the production of new lymphatic fluids. It also develops the lymphatic system and makes it permeable. Great solution for the treatment of swollen and sore lower limbs and one of the most effective

methods of calf and thigh modeling.  It also increases slimming and

reduction of cellulite.

Great alternative for people who can not use a classic sauna.

During this treatment, the patient is inside a special, tightly closed suit, which utilizes air chambers to pump through air in the direction of lymph circulation and at varied intervals depending on the treatment program. Local

pressure is applied and released alternately, resulting in drainage.