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Beauty Shaper Advanced

Endermologie enriched with radio-frequency (RF) waves, infrared laser and ultrasonic liposuction. It is used in modeling problematic parts of the body.  by using the newest technology for esthetic cosmetology.  Designed to be used on the entire body.


This treatment uses a special attachment head which creates an underpressure vacuum massage that improves blood supply of fat tissue. Additionally, it uses biostimulation IR laser which works in shallow layers of the

skin, increases the temperature in fat tissues and boosts metabolism. Its moving rolls (that emit RF waves) make the lymphatic system more permeable and improve detoxification. 


This treatment uses an external source of ultrasound with micro-massage to destroy the epithelium of fat cells. Broken fat cells, actually fatty acids and glycerol, are transported to the liver through

vascular and lymphatic systems. 


→ firmer skin

→ reduction of fat tissue and cellulite

→ improved body shape

→ detoxification

→ lifting of the skin around the eyes and neck

→ visible effects after only 1 treatment

→ smoothing of wrinkles