About Studio Figura New York

We are a respected Body Shaping and Wellness Studio in Europe since 2008. To date, there are over 1000 studios throughout the world, in which over 96000 total kilograms were shed! 


A personal and intimate women-only zone dedicated to giving you absolutely everything you need to achieve optimal wellness and become the best version of yourself.

Unlike other weight loss treatments, at Studio Figura we use science that works with your body’s natural systems, saving you time and effort, promoting more efficient calorie burning and body sculpting.

The rejuvenating infrared lights are combined with detoxifying massage, lymphatic drainage, and our organic weight loss supplements to remove fat fast without damaging surrounding tissue. Increased oxygen supply aids in collagen production, resulting in younger-looking, radiant skin, slimmer, toned bodies, and the elimination of stretch marks and cellulite. 

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