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Lose. Shape. Relax. Rejuvenate.  It's a Science that Works!

Get ready to glow inside and out. Visit Studio Figura New York to nurture your divine spirit, enhance your wellness, and take your welness to the next level. With our wide variety of programs available for all skill levels, everyone is truly welcome.


Burn calories without the hard work - exercise smarter not harder!


Our training facility is a place where you can come to achieve the goals you never thought possible. We know how to reduce stress, recover from injuries faster and become fitter and stronger. Thousands of women have shed hundreds of kilos and centimeters by forming long term health habits. When surveyed, 97% rated the service excellent or fantastic.


Our sessions take 30-60 minutes, fitting around a busy lifestyle. In fact, Studio figura is so convenient, you could have a session on your lunch break. We understand that everyone has various fitness levels, and we can cater for training sessions based on individual needs to perform at your best every day.


Low impact exercise with quick, targeted results. SF has all the fat loss benefits without the undesirable side effects. Machines that exercise for you are equipped with IR and Collagen lamps for skin improvement. On top of that, we offer Natural Supplements & Cosmetics to guarantee the best results for you.


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